A list of all current and recent applications can be viewed by accessing the ESBC’s Planning Portal here


Anslow Parish Council Planning meetings are usually held at Anslow Village Hall and members of the public are welcome to attend for part or all of the Meeting.  The meetings are usually held on a Wednesday evening. There is a 15 minute public session inviting members of the public to raise any matters of concern regarding the planning applications on the agenda. 
Once the public session is over, members of the public can leave or stay for the remainder of the meeting, but they are not entitled to speak during the formal business of the council unless specifically invited to do so by the Chair of the Planning Committee.

Planning Applications

Planning Report for Parish Council Meeting 150721 (002)

Anslow Parish Council are consulted on all planning applications within the Parish Boundary.  Each
application is reviewed and considered by the Parish Councillors at the Planning
Committee Meetings.  

The Planning Committee’s decision is forwarded to the appropriate Planning Officer at East
Staffordshire Planning Department who are then responsible for making the final decision on the

Anslow Parish’s Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

Documentation is available to view on East Staffordshire Borough Council’s website: Click Here