The next meeting of Anslow Parish Council is the Annual Parish Meeting on
Wednesday 5th October at 6.30pm
at Anslow Village Hall, Main Road, Anslow

Members of the public and press are welcome to attend for part or all of the Meeting. The meetings are held bi-monthly and are usually held on a Wednesday evening, starting with a 15 minute public session inviting the public to raise any matters of concern.

Once the public session is over, members of the public can leave or they are welcome to stay for the remainder of the meeting, but they are not entitled to speak during the formal business of the council unless specifically invited to do so by the Chair.

Any correspondence that is to be raised at these meetings should be emailed to the Clerk by the Thursday morning prior to the meeting.

2022 Parish Council Meetings commencing 6:30pm

26th January 2022

23rd March 2022 

25th May 2022 – Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

1st June 2022 – Annual Parish Meeting

6th July 2022

5th October 2022

23rd November 2022

2022 Parish Council Meetings commencing 6:30pm

26th January 2022

Agenda – 26th January 2022

Minutes – 26th January 2022

23rd March 2022

Agenda – 23rd March 2022

Minutes – 23rd March 2022

25th May 2022 – Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

Agenda – 25th May 2022

Minutes – 25th May 2022

1st June 2022 – Annual Parish Meeting

Agenda – 1st June 2022

Minutes 1st June 2022 – DRAFT

6th July 2022 

Agenda – 6th July 2022

Minutes 6th July 2022 – DRAFT

Traffic Calming Drawing – 1 of 2

Traffic Calming Drawing – 2 of 2

2021 Parish Council Meetings commencing 6:30pm

Minutes will remain as draft, until they have been approved at the following Parish Council meeting.

Minutes APC 20th January 2021

Minutes APC 31st March 22021 (Amended date)

Minutes Annual Meeting PC 5th May 2021 (Amended date)

Minutes Anslow ANNUAL PARISH Meeting 26 May 2021  (Draft)

Draft Minutes APC 15th July 2021 (Amended date)

22nd September 2021



10th November 2021



Parish Council Meetings 2020

Monday 27th January 2020   Agenda     Minutes 

Wednesday 11th March   Agenda     Minutes 

ANNUAL MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL – Wednesday 6th May   Agenda     Minutes


Wednesday 8th July – Agenda     Minutes

Friday 21st August – Agenda Extraordinary Meeting  Minutes

Wednesday 23rd September Agenda  Minutes

Wednesday 4th November 2020  Agenda      Minutes

Parish Council Meetings 2019

23rd January 2019 Agenda  Minutes Click here

6th March Agenda  Minutes Click here

1st May ANSLOW’s ANNUAL PARISH MEETING – 7.30pm start  Agenda  Draft Minutes Click here

8th May ANNUAL MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL  7.30 pm start   Agenda  Minutes Click here

10th July Agenda  Minutes Click here

11th September Agenda   Minutes Click here

6th November 2019 Agenda    Minutes Click here

Parish Council Meetings 2018

Minutes 24 January 2018 – Agenda

Minutes 14 March 2018  – Agenda

Minutes 2 May 2018 –  Agenda

Minutes 25th July 2018 – Agenda

Minutes 5th September 2018 – Agenda

Minutes 7th November 2018 – Agenda

Minutes (Draft) of Anslow Annual Parish Meeting 23rd May 2018

Parish Council Meetings 2017

Minutes 25th January 2017

Minutes 22nd March 2017

Minutes 10th May – Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

Minutes 12th July 2017

Minutes 13th September 2017

Minutes 8th November 2017